UF Health & AI

The University of Florida‘s academic health center — UF Health — is creating an academic hub to advance trustworthy AI in the health sciences. World-class infrastructure, high-quality data and diverse and inclusive teams are central to our vision.

Our Areas of Focus

Health care delivery

AI-enhanced health care decision-making and precision health.

Biomedical discovery

AI-fueled development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics.

Public and population health

AI-powered modeling and surveillance of health determinants.


The ICU of the Future

UF Health researchers are pioneering the use of artificial intelligence in patient care and the intensive care unit. In the ICU of the future, artificial intelligence will harness torrents of patient data to assist physicians’ decision making and potentially improve patients’ environment.

A group of healthcare providers  stand next to a computer in a sunlit patient room.

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Bringing the best together

An environment to shape the future of AI

Together we will deepen health-related AI and data science expertise to build a culture of inclusive excellence and a robust foundation for sustained impact.

Malachowsky Hall for Data Science and Information Technology (opening 2023)

>140 A growing community of UF Health AI, data science and domain experts interested in health-related AI research and applications

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